Roma expert will visit Department of National Minorities

In January 29, in Department of National Minorities a book for children on Roma holocaust will be presented. Not only an author of this book Natalia Gancaraz but an expert of Roma from Poland will take a part.

Adam Bartosz – Polish ethnographer. In the years 1980-2012 he was the director of the Regional Museum in Tarnów. Specialist in the fields of: museology, culture and history of Roma and Jews. In the years 1980-2012, director of the Regional Museum in Tarnów. He is the originator and organizer of many cultural and social events that strengthen the sense of identity of Polish Roma and promote cultural diversity, including the International Camp of Remembrance of Roma. 

He was also the editor-in-chief of Rocznik Tarnowski (2008-2014)He is part of the Romani magazines: Rrom po Drom (since 1990), Kwartalnik Romski (since 2010). He publishes regularly in many national magazines. He belongs to the Roma Association in Tarnów and is a member of the Sub-Team for Roma Affairs at the Ministry of Interior and Administration.