The Lithuanian Jewish community, “Help to Fit” (Padėk pritapti) and the Lithuanian Human Rights Center invite Lithuanian teachers, educators, and youth workers to a 2-day experience trip together with the Lithuanian Roma and Jewish communities!

The two-day sessions are aimed at getting to know the traditions and customs of the communities living nearby, denying many stereotypes, and countering the manifestations of anti-Semitism and Romaphobia not only around us, but also in the context of the global world and events. This is the first attempt to invite educators to a meeting with representatives of the two communities and lecturers. The organizers believe that these trainings will be significant for educators working with young people, as well as representatives of culture and education in cities and towns where the heritage of the Jewish community is being revived. Youth workers and representatives of non-governmental organizations are invited to participate. Already in January a two-day program of activities is launched, prepared and implemented together with experts from “Help to Fit”(Padėk Pritapti), the Lithuanian Jewish Community and the Lithuanian Human Rights Center.

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