Labour market

Participation in the labour market

Unemployment among Roma people remains high. According to the data of the general census in 2021, 27% of Roma had not worked. However, compared to 2011, an unemployment has decreased by 6.3%.



However, the number of Roma people, whose main source of livelihood is wages, grew slightly: from 5% in the year 2011 to 6.1% in 2021. 


In comprison to Lithuanians, significantly fewer Roma receive pensions.


Projects promoting the integration of Roma people into the labour market.

Three projects which aim was to help Roma people experiencing social risk and social exclusion to integrate into the labor market were implemented since the year 2004. During the implementation of the projects, Roma employment models were developed and tested, training programs and methodological recommendations for employment mediation specialists were prepared. The project “Let’s work together with the Roma – new work opportunities and challenges” is still underway