To increase the involvement of Roma in the Lithuanian labor market:

  • Local labour exchange provides consulting and information services, applies active labour market policy measures (vocational training, public works, subsidized employment, subsidized activities under the business license);
  • Projects promoting Roma integration into the labour market are implemented;
  • Common projects promoting integration into the labour market are implemented.



Since 2004 three projects intended to help the Roma experiencing social risk and social exclusion integrate into the labour market have been implemented. The implementation of the projects required the development and testing of Roma employment models, preparation of training programmes and of methodical recommendations for recruitment professionals. At present, the project “Let us work together with the Roma – new job opportunities and challenges“.


Project Development and testing of the mechanism for the Roma integration into the labour market (2004-2008) Turn to the Roma: innovative measures for the Roma inclusion into the labour market (2009-2012) European Roma culture and business park Bahtalo Drom (2012-2015) Let us work together with the Roma – new job opportunities and challenges (2016-2020)
Funding 531 836 € 548 379 € 580 000 € 868 860 €
Number of participants 24 romai 87 romai 240 romų 300 (estimated)
Outcomes 6 Roma people were employed, 2 started to attend school, 3 performed public works 37 Roma people were employed, 2 started their own business, 1 started attending vocational school 30 Roma people were employed It is estimated that 40% of the Roma people involved in the project will be employed


The goal of the project that is subject to the implementation during the period of 2016-2020 is the provision of services of integration into the labour market to the Lithuanian Roma communities. The project will combine activities that help to gain formal and informal Roma-adapted vocational training as well as to perform apprenticeship in the workplace with a mentor by trades or crafts that will be selected and discussed in detail with social workers and that will be described in individual personal career plans.

Objectives of the project:

In order to form social and employment skills of the Roma engaged in the project, to motivate, to adequately evaluate personal needs, the project participants will be provided with social workers’ consultations. Social workers will also provide the Roma with the accompanying and mediation assistance in dealing with authorities. Information about social services and other project activities will be provided to the Roma by assistant social workers, they will also identify potential project participants, invite to take advantage of the services provided, motivate the Roma to participate in the project activities and employment.
These services are planned to be provided in 6 Lithuanian municipalities.

TRAININGS, which will be organized for the Roma to increase the possibilities of integration into the society and labour market:


Lithuanian language courses Trainings for driver’s license Category B
English language courses Vocational guidance, counseling sessions
Computer literacy courses Training for leaders of the Roma organizations
Traditional embroidery courses Trainings to improve qualification of the Roma musicians

During the project, the Roma will also receive:

Legal advice Socio-cultural services: sports activities, traditional the Roma music festival for young people, exhibition of the Roma embroidery works, cloths, carpets, raining on gender equality and women‘s rights


Numbers of participants 300. It is estimated that 40% of the Roma people involved in the project will be employed

The project is implemented by the public institution Roma Community Centre, project partners – Lithuanian Gypsy Community “Čigonų Laužas” with Šalčininkai Division, Lithuanian Roma Community, Roma Integration House, Roma Integration Centre