Housing conditions for Roma

Analyzing the research “The Situation of Roma people in 2020” (later on – the research of 2020) and the population census data of 2021, it is noticeable that the housing conditions of persons of the Roma nationality have improved.

One of the indicators for assessing the quality of life and living conditions of residents is the availability of amenities. Amenities in the household include a water supply system, a toilet with a flush system, bathroom facilities, and central heating.

Change in amenities in Roma households over 10 years (2011-2021 census data analysis)

Distribution of the population of Roma nationality in the five municipalities with the largest number of Roma residents, according to what amenities were available in their housing, according to 2021. population census.

Form of ownership

Roma people mostly live in state or municipal housing. Fewer Roma have their own housing with the private property rights.

Compared to 2015 according to the research, these data did not change significantly.