About project


After the successful completion of the first phase of the project, European Commission has funded the continuation of the project for the Roma integration into Lithuanian society. In July 2017, a grant of 65 000 Euros has been allocated in order to continue the project.

During the implementation of the second part of the project it is planned to employ trained coordinators – intermediaries between the Roma community and municipalities who will work in Vilnius, Panevėžys, Jonava, Marijampolė, Kybartai and Eišiškės. They will help the Roma to communicate with representatives of state institutions, assist the Roma in dealing with issues in public and private institutions, help solve other daily life issues, and implement education and prevention programs.

It is also planned to organize a seminar for Roma women and girls and events for Roma youth. In addition, trainings for educators working with Roma children will be organized. Throughout the project, meetings with Roma coordinators will be held in order to analyze the situation in municipalities.

Two scientific studies will also be carried out: a research on the re-integration of previously imprisoned Roma women, and a research on access to justice for members of the Roma community.


Department of National Minorities under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania implements the projects that is dedicated to the promotion of the cooperation between Roma communities and local municipalities as well as ensure mutual dialog in solving issues relevant to the Roma ethnic minority, including social inclusions, education, healthcare, culture.

On September 1, 2016, trained representatives of the Roma communities started working with five Lithuanian municipalities; they are described as mediators between local Roma communities and municipal institutions.
The nature of the activity of the mediators depends on issues relevant to the Roma people. The key areas of the mediators are social, economic, cultural issues and administrative help for the Roma.
The mediators help the Roma to communicate with representatives of state institutions, assist them in dealings with public and private institutions, help solve other problems of everyday life, carry out education and prevention programs. Extra attention in the municipalities are paid to the cherishing of the Roma culture and raising public awareness.


  • Education and prevention,
  • Social, economic, and cultural issues
  • Administrative assistance for the Roma

When implementing the project in ten Lithuanian municipalities, active communication was maintained between professionals working therein, persons that supervise Roma issues, and representatives of the Roma people.
During this project, specialized trainings were held for professionals working with the Roma community: employees of municipal administrations, social workers, teachers; it also aimed to strengthen the involvement of the Roma people (especially women) in solving issues relating to their community, additionally, studies and researchs were carried out to better understand the obstacles that prevent the Roma community integration into the Lithuanian society.

The project was implemented in 2 directions: informing and educating the society and strengthening the skills and competences of the Roma.