On March 14, 2022, an educational cycle of events aimed at strengthening the citizenship and social skills of Roma youth using theater methods was organized by the organized by the European Commission-funded project “Lithuanian Roma Platforms – going local (Part 5)” and the Vilnius City Branch of the Lithuanian Falcon Union “Help to Fit”.

The aim of the event was to raise the discussion and awareness of the concepts of FREEDOM and FREEDOM OF THE WORD, to strengthen the ability to express oneself and participate in discussions in an argumentative manner by using the applied theater methods. The event was hosted by professional actor Oskar Vykogovski, who, by using inclusive theater techniques, invited each young person to express themselves through different roles. The performances were followed by a discussion on freedom of expression, self-expression, democracy, and citizenship. It was discussed where the limits of free speech end and where insults begin. The actor noticed that Roma young people have extremely low self-esteem, are afraid to discuss and express themselves, so it is very important to empower young people, strengthen their motivation and self-confidence during the sessions.