An educational event to promote the citizenship of Roma youth on the occasion of the restoration of Lithuania’s independence, organized by the European Commission-funded project “Lithuanian Roma Platforms – going local (Part 5)” and the Vilnius City Branch of the Lithuanian Falcon Union “Help to Fit”, occured on March 10, 2022.

The event was dedicated to the commemoration of March 11 and the remembrance of historical facts. Roma youth know very little about the dates and history that are important to Lithuania, so the playful battle was an inclusive educational game that encouraged them to compete, be interested and win. The young people were informed about the quiz on the event’s eve, so they had time to prepare for the quizzes. All participants in the session were awarded with symbolic prizes. The questions of the quiz covered a long period of Lithuania’s history – from dukes to today’s culture and people deserving of Lithuania. The aim of the activity is to increase citizenship, social togetherness and a sense of unity through cognition and education.