On the 3th of August, 2022 in the “MO” museum took place a premiere of the play “I am Karolis, Samudaripen” with the actor Marius Jampolskis, the winner of the 3 awards of “silver cane” and a “golden cross” in the main role.

It is the story about a child who really wanted to survive the war. The main character tells his daily life stories – about the pain, separation, sadness as well as reveals the fact that even in concentration camp children remains children who seek for adventures and play.

Throughout the performance, video projections specially created for the performance were shown on the side screens, showing the names, surnames and place of birth of the Roma people imprisoned in the Auschwitz concentration camp. A special script and soundtrack were created for the performance.

Artckles about the play (in lithuanian):
MO muziejuje pristatoma meninė instaliacija Romų genocido atminties dienai – DELFI Kultūra

MO muziejuje pristatoma meninė instaliacija Romų genocidui: vaidmenį atliko Marius Jampolskis | Žmonė (