On October 19 2022, The Department of Natural Minorities under Lithuanian Republic Government organized a visit to the municipality of Panevėžys. During various meetings, issues of Roma education, employment and youth empowerment were discussed. Information about Roma community members’ attendance to various educational institutions in Panevėžys and registration at the Employment Service was collected.

According to the data of the Education Department of Panevėžys municipality, 47 Roma students are attending various educational institutions: 7 children attend pre-school institutions, 8 children attend pro-gymnasiums and gymnasiums (“Beržų” pro-gymnasium, “Minties” and V. Žemkalnis gymnasiums). The largest number of students in the Panevėžys is in the adult and youth training center – 39; 38 of them are attending central penitentiary branch.

According to the data pf the Employment Service, there are 25 registered Roma who are looking for a job and 8 of them are young people, who are not studying anywhere. It is difficult for Roma community members to find an employment due to low qualification level and sometimes not a favorable attitude of employers towards them.