On the 26th – 27th of January, 2023, the meetings with Šiauliai city Municipality and Žagarė Eldership occurred.

According to the population census of the year 2021, there is around 70 Roma citizens living in Šiauliai. During the meeting with Šiauliai City Municipality it became clear that Roma community members are quite well integrated into the Šiauliai society and do not have any obvious issues. According to the data provided by Social Support Center of Šiauliai, there is not a single Roma family among the families that the center works with. At the moment there are 4 person of Roma nationality that are registered in the Šiauliai City Employment Service Department. During the recent years a considerable number of Roma community members have emigrated abroad. In the recent past (like 10 years ago), Roma youth mostly attended the pro-gymnasium of Zokniai. However, this pro-gymnasium is currently attended by 4 Roma students. For now, the Municipality of Šiauliai does not have any accurate data on how many Roma schoolchildren are living in Šiauliai.

There are around 60 Roma persons, who live in Žagarė. However, in the recent years a large number of Roma community members have gone abroad. Currently, there is a Žagarė special school which is operating and there are 7 Roma children studying there.  7 Roma children are also attending Žagarė’s nursery and gymnasium.