On February 16, 2023, in commemoration of the 105th anniversary of the restoration of the State of Lithuania, an educational trip to Vilnius for Roma families with children and the teachers from Marijampolė city occurred. The education’s goal was to get acquainted with Roma traditions, food and culture.

During the educational trip, the historical places of the Vilnius and Trakai cities were visited: the Castle of Trakai, the Karaites settlement, the Vilnius’ Old town, The Castle of Gediminas and the Gate of Dawn.

The education which was led by Išvanas Kvik (a Roma activist, the owner of the restaurant, and the founder of the Roma music and dance ensemble “Sare Roma”) and took place in the restaurant “Salote NAMOSS”. During the education there was a presentation of Roma culture, traditions and kitchen and the tasting of national dishes as well as the dance and song performance by the ensemble “Sare Roma”.

The second part of the education took place in the Roma restaurant “Gypsy Lounge and Grill” which is located in the Vilnius Old Town. Currently there is an ongoing photo exhibition about the world’s most famous Roma people which was attended by the participants of the education.