The study visit to Poland took place from 30th of May to 3th of June, 2022.

During the study trip, The Auschwitz – Birkenau concentration camp was visited. About 20,000 Roma people were murdered there during the WWII, so this place is an important part of Roma History.

Also during the visit, two meetings took place with representatives of the Polish Roma community: Karol Kwiatkowski – Roma education assistant, Vice-President of the International Roma Union and Head of the Polish Roma Association and Agnieszka Caban – Roma activist, researcher, representative of the “Link Dialogue” foundation and organizer of training for Roma assistance.
During the meeting, the representatives of the Polish Roma community shared their most successful experiences in solving Roma issues, which could be integrated in Lithuania as well.

From our side, the representatives of the Department of National Minorities under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, the Roma mediator and the representative of the organization “Help to fit” Agnieška Avin and several representatives of the Lithuanian Roma community participated in the meetings.