Promoting the rights of the authorities and organisations

Equal Opportunities Ombudsman

The equal opportunities ombudsperson investigates complaints, conducts investigations on its own initiative; carry out independent investigations relating to cases of discrimination, and independent surveys of the situation of discrimination, provides findings and recommendations on any matters relating to discrimination; carry out preventive and educational activities, ensuring equal opportunities for all; the United Nations Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities is controlled by provisions relating to equal opportunities, implementation; changing the information available with the Republic of Lithuania and foreign States, other institutions and bodies, and international organizations.

Any natural or legal person shall have the right to submit a complaint to the equal opportunities in the ombudsperson on equal opportunities.

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Ombudsperson of The Seimas of Lithuania

Ombudsperson of the Seimas shall investigate complaints against officers of the applicants they abuse or otherwise vulnerable human rights and freedoms in the field of public administration.

The applicant shall have the right to submit a complaint to the Parliamentary ombudsperson of officials of abuse or bureaucracy, if it considers that its rights and freedoms have been violated. Complaints are usually filed in writing.

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Protection of The Rights of The Child on The Ombudsperson

Protection of the rights of the child is an autonomous institution of the ombudsperson’s compliance with the rights of the child monitoring and control of a public authority, on the legality of the underlying its activities, publicity, impartiality, and the rights of the child and its legitimate interests retained with re-securitization activity the principles of independence in decision-making.

Protection of the rights of the child on the ombudsperson is a special legal body which cannot be assigned to any one of the three branches. Protection of the rights of the child shall be the controller of authoritative and impartial guidance decisions is the conclusion aimed at punishing persons who have violated children’s rights and legitimate interests, and to prevent these violations, with individuals’ attention to the decisions taken in their actions (omissions), to determine the rights of the child and the legitimate interests of the cause of the fault and possible problems, the removal of the irregularities (prevention).

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The Lithuanian Human Rights Centre

The Lithuanian Human Rights Centre (LŽTC) in twenty years and the protection of human rights in the field of education front non-governmental organization. The establishment of the LŽTC from the year 1994 has been bringing together the efforts of its members and experts in the implementation of many significant projects in the protection of human rights and education.

The ideas of equality and non-discrimination of persons in the framework of the Lithuanian Centre for human rights and the principles of philosophy. The main tasks of the Centre: spread the knowledge about the European Union and the whole international community through implementation of standards for the protection of human rights, to promote the development of tolerance and develop respect for diversity; to strengthen the capacity of the public in the fight against discrimination of minorities and vulnerable groups in society, to raise the problematic issues of protection of human rights, to initiate scientific research on human rights and to provide their solutions to the legislature and The Government.

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Human Rights Monitoring Institute

Human rights monitoring Institute (ŽTSI) is a non-governmental, non-profit making organisation governed by public advocation. From 2003 onwards the installation wants to ensure that national legislation and the practice in line with international human rights obligations.

ŽTSI lawyers and a team of experts in political science, conducts research, provides proposals for legislation and programming documents, participate in working groups, preparing reports to the international human rights court, the supervisory authorities shall take strategic aspects of human rights issues, provided expert advice and legal services, carries out projects, organized by the conventional and remote training for law enforcement officers and other representatives of the State authorities.

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Free Legal Aid

The State Guaranteed Legal Aid


Source: http://manoteises.lt

The State guaranteed legal aid act gives the right to every person lawfully residing in Lithuania the right to free primary legal assistance (legal assistance). The municipal administration officials, employees, as well as lawyers or experts from public institutions, with which the municipality has signed a contract to personally advise you on how to settle the dispute out of court, informed about the legal system, the laws, regulations and regulations, will help to draw up a peace treaty and to fill the secondary legal aid. Primary legal aid shall be given to you immediately.

If this option is unavailable, you will be notified about the next time, the adoption of which should be no later than 5 days after Your referral. Any person wishing to obtain a primary legal aid shall apply to the municipality in accordance with their declared place of residence.

Secondary legal assistance (preparation of documents, defense and representation matters, including enforcement proceedings, representation at the Court of prior dispute resolution) shall be granted only to persons whose income is below a certain financial level. There are two levels of legal aid funding. If your income and assets exceed the level of the first financing, you will get a free lawyer, does not exceed 50 percent if the second is offset by the cost of the State. Your assets and income levels determine the State guaranteed legal aid office, having an annual declaration of income and assets for the secondary legal aid and Your application. The appointment of the State-funded lawyer to contact the municipality assigned State guaranteed legal aid office with the request that You can help fill a primary legal aid.

All the information on where, why and how to provide legal assistance guaranteed by the State, is on the website: STATE GUARANTEED LEGAL AID SERVICE (lrv.lt)

Vilnius University Law Clinic

Public institution “Vilnius University Law Clinic”, from 1998 onwards, provides the primary legal aid applicants (as well as the public legal education activities). The objectives of the legal clinic: to provide free legal assistance in civil, labour, social welfare, administrative and other matters (with the exception of criminal cases), and to provide advice to other legal issues; to assist the Faculty of law of Vilnius University students to acquire theoretical knowledge in practice, in order to provide a comprehensive consolidation of legal education; educate the public on legal issues, making the legal system and in this way help them to protect their rights.

Vilnius University Law Clinic provides the primary legal aid, which includes legal information, legal advice and documents for the State and local authorities, with the exception of procedural documents. In addition, this legal aid covers advice on dispute resolution at the court order, the action for the peaceful resolution of the dispute and the preparation of the Treaty of peace. Legal clinic also helps clients prepare documents to the courts (claims, complaints, reviews, and other documents). The right legal advice clinic is available to all individuals, regardless of their income or assets. However, the Legal Clinic consultants may refuse to provide legal assistance in the case of client abuse given free legal aid.

Vilnius University Law Clinic work in Vilnius University law faculty students of the course IV-V, which is headed by a lawyer. Students are selected according to the practical experience, activity in public life, and the ability to interact with people. Vilnius University Law Clinic is the brightest, responsible and excellent theoretical knowledge with students. This guarantees the quality of services granted to qualified decisions.

You can sign up for legal aid:

Address: Vilniaus st. 25, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Phone: +370 670 25 165