Population – 34 544
Number of the Roma – 82

Roma coordinator for the second stage of the project is BARBARA MARCINKEVIČ. She will help Roma people to communicate with the representatives of the public administration, provide assistance to the public administration and private institutions, help to ensure Roma students’ attendance in Eišiškės Stanislovas Rapolionis gymnasium.


High risk of poverty and material deprivation, poor housing conditions, poor health indicators, weak participation of children in general education and parental cooperation with school, low availability of healthcare services.


Improvement of the existing housing problems, allocation of new social housing/compensation of part pf rent in the private sector;
additional classes, individualized education for Roma children;
when implementing other preventive measures of early exit from general education system, cooperate with other local partners – NGCs, children’s day care centres, social workers.

Positive aspects:

about half of school-age Roma children attend non-formal education activities (extracurricular activities in schools, child day care centres, etc.), a number of adults participates in various lifelong learning activities.