Population – 539 939
Number of the Roma – 619

Roma coordinator for  the second stage of the project is GOPALAS MICHAILOVSKIS.

He is a professional singer, student of Lithuanian Academy of music and theatre, future reserve lieutenant. He will help Roma people to communicate with the representatives of the public administration, provide assistance to the public administration and private institutions, carry out education and prevention programmes and help to ensure Roma students’ attendance in Vilnius “Saulėtekis” middle school-multifunctional centre as well as Vilnius Naujininkai school.


Low participation of the Roma children in the educational system, problems relating to drugs and addictions, social exclusion.

Creation of safe neighbourhood, increase in availability of healthcare services, decrease in social exclusion through cultural events, promotion of the Roma children to get engage in activities proposed by day care centres.
Positive aspects:

Vilnius City Municipality has already prepared and approved the action plan intended to strengthen the Roma integration in Vilnius city. Vilnius City also has the work group of representatives of municipality, non-governmental organizations and Roma community, which works on the preparation and implementation of the Roma integration programme.