The Roma Community Center

The Roma Community Center

Headmistress: Svetlana Novopolskaja
Address: T. Ševčenkos 16B, Naujamiestis, Lithuania, 03111
Phone: +370 682 41 218

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The public institution, the Roma Community Center, was established in 2001 as non-profit organization. The founders of the center are the Department of National Minorities under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, the Vilnius City Municipality, the Lithuanian Children’s Foundation and the Lithuanian Gypsy Community “Gypsy Bonfire” (Čigonų laužas).

The goals of the institution’s activities are to implement measures for the integration of the Roma national minority into the life of Lithuanian society; the promotion of the preservation of the Roma national identity, the cultivation of culture and intercultural dialogue; the collection and systematization of statistical, historical, demographic material about the Lithuanian Roma.

The institution organizes pre-school education for Roma children, the activities of the day center ‘Stairs to the Top’ (Laipteliai į viršų), remote education for adults, state language courses, and the use of a computer class is provided in the center. Intercultural mediation services are provided to Roma living in Vilnius as well.

The Roma Community Center initiates various Roma integration projects, organizes cultural events: concerts, exhibitions and the performances of the in center operating ensemble “Roma de drom”.

The administration of the institution collects, organizes and distributes materials about the Roma national minority, helps researchers and students to conduct research, prepares reports and articles for the press, participates in television and radio shows, international conferences and projects.

Spektaklis “Nuo rimto iki juokingo”, ansamblis “Roma de drom”, 2023 m.

JOURNEY TO THE THEATER’S WORLD; The children of RCC and the visitors of the Day Center went on a magical journey to the world of Theater – they became part of the performance ‘FLY’ (“MUSĖ”), 2022.
Roma Genocide Remembrance Day Ceremony, 2nd of August 2022.